Dumb Bell Workout

This is a workout that can be done at home by parents and wrestlers with no equipment other than two dumbbells.  Use light weight and perfect form.  Do each exercise slowly while lifting and lowering the weights.  Check with your doctor before you or your wrestler starts.

1.  Squat     2.  Lunge     3.  Duck walk

4.  Push up     5.  Press     6.  Lateral Fly

7.  Bent-Over Row     8.  Upright Row     9.  One Arm Curl     10.  Triceps Extension

Do this program every other day.  Use the same amount of weight for each exercise.

Do all the exercises in each of the three groups as super sets.  One run through all the exercises in a group without rest is called a super set.   This means that you do one set of squats then one set of lunges and then one set of duck walks without a rest between sets.  When these are done rest for a minute and then do one or two more super sets of the leg exercises.  Do the other two groups as super sets also.

Start off with a light weight, do two super sets in each group, and do 10 to 15 repetitions in each set.  Increase the number of repetitions each week to your goal of 25 repetitions for each set and then increase the number of sets to three.  Set intermediate goals such as adding two repetitions to each exercise each workout.

After about six to eight weeks you should be doing three super sets in each group and 25 repetitions of each exercise.  When you reach this goal, it is time to increase the intensity of the program.  This can be done in four ways:  add repetitions, decrease rest time, increase weight, or add exercises.

Additional exercises you can add are stationary jumps for legs (no weights); bent-over flys, hammer curls, and kick-backs for your back, biceps and triceps; diamond push-ups and lateral side raises for your chest and shoulders.

Remember, use light weight, raise and lower the weight slowly, use good form.