2017-18 Schedule

Penn League Dual Meet Schedule:
   SUN Nov 19  HOME (vs. WyArea & Pittston)
   SUN Nov 26  @ DelVal (vs DelVal & W. Scranton)
   SUN Dec 03  @ Nanticoke (vs Nant. & Hazleton)
   SUN Dec 10  @ Dallas (vs. Benton & Lehman)
   SUN Dec 17  HOME (vs. Crestwood & WVW)
   SUN Jan 14   @ Dallas (vs. Hanover & W-Barre)
   SUN Jan 21   @ WVW (vs. Back Mountain)
Penn League Tournament:
   SAT  Jan 27   @ Delaware Valley

The Summit Wrestling Club participates in the Penn Elementary Wrestling League, along with more than a dozen other teams in the region.  We attend "dual meets" on Sundays, with wrestling normally beginning around 10:30AM.  These meets begin with "JV" matches, during which all our novice wrestlers and many of our experienced wrestlers participate.  Our coaching staff works hard to create fair and competitive matches, pairing wrestlers up based on weight and experience levels.  Wrestlers typically get at least 2 matches if they want, and some keep going for 4 or 5 matches (at their choice).  After the JV matches, our "Varsity" team competes against other schools attending the meet.   The weekly SWC Varsity team is determined by the coaching staff, with wrestle-offs taking place during our weekly practices when possible.  Per Penn League rules, in order to participate on the Varsity team, a wrestler must attend at least two practices that week.  All Summit wrestlers are encouraged to participate in the dual meets.  Some of our younger and 1st year wrestlers only attend practices initially, but all wrestlers are welcome at these dual meets.
  • Varsity weight classes:
    • 42, 46, 50, 54, 58, 62, 66, 70, 74, 78, 82, 86, 91, 98, 105, 115, 130, 165, HWT
  • Dual meet team scoring:
    • 6 team pts: Fall; Forfeit; Default; Disqualification
    • 5 team pts: Technical Fall (i.e., win by 15 pts; match ends)
    • 4 team pts: Major Decision (i.e,. win match by 8-14 pts)
    • 3 team pts: Decision (i.e., win match by 1-7 pts)

Local Tournaments:
There are numerous local and regional tournaments every weekend during the season.  Wrestlers may attend whichever tournaments they desire, but we strongly encourage our wrestlers to not attend tournaments on Sundays when we have Penn League dual meets.  Listed below are some of the more popular local tournaments that our wrestlers regularly attend.  Two of these tournaments take place at Abington Heights High School (including our own Summit-Stanco Open).  The entry fees for all tournaments marked with an asterisk will be fully refunded for Summit wrestlers.
  • SAT Nov 11   @ WVW (WVW Spartan Classic)
  • SUN Nov 12  @ Pittston Area (Tomato Town Tumble)
  • SAT Nov 25   @ Hanover (Hawkeye Classic)
  • SAT Jan 13   HOME (36th Annual Summit-Stanco Open)*
  • TBD DATE     @ Tunkhannock (Tony Stanton Memorial)*
  • TBD DATE     @ Lackawanna Trail (Lackawanna Trail Invitational)*
  • TBD DATE     HOME (Abington Heights Rookie-Open Tournament)*

To register for upcoming tournaments in our area, please visit: