2017-18 Pinning Charts

Pinning your opponent is the ultimate goal in a wrestling match...

2017-18 Year-to-Date Results
- eligible pins to date by division
- updated through 12-20-2017
- see below for rules

 Wrestler Name          Pins
 Fayocavitz, Logan  12
 Evans, Luke  8
 Kareha, Gavin  7
 Marzolino, Caleb  7
 Beck, Connor  6
 Heard, Brian  6
 Lynott, Mark  6
 Curra, Anthony  5
 Egan, Ned  5
 Holmes, Brady  5
 Gorrick, JJ  4
 Padula, Gavin  3
 Smith, Austin  3
 Smith, Luciano  2

 Wrestler Name          Pins
 Seigle, Ayla  8
 Yusinski, Keith  7
 Lynott, Hawley  6
 Azar, Rodman  4
 Vergnetti, Dominic  4
 Sespico, Cayd  1
 Smith, Matthew  1

 Wrestler Name          Pins
 Seigle, Logan  11
 Marchetti, Alex  9
 Sandy, Dakota  8
 Full, Brady  5
 Scavone, Edward  4
 D'Angelo, Jude  3
 Beck, JJ  2
 Felton, Jacob  2
 Cox, William  1
 Kareha, Lucas  1
 Knott, Reece  1
 Reed, Eddie  1
 Sedelnick, Christian  1
 White, Carson  1

 Wrestler Name          Pins
 Malone, Dane  7
 Full, Parker  6
 Azar, Reese  2
 Rosengrant, Urijah  1
 Scavone, Joseph  1
 Stock, Owen  1
 Sespico, Finnegan  1

The Joe Stanco Memorial Pinning Award
This award is given at the end of the each season to the 4 wrestlers who record the most eligible pins during the season within each age group (Pee Wee, Bantam, Midget & Junior; all ages as of Dec 31st).  For a pin to be eligible: (i) the wrestler must be registered as a Summit wrestler at the dual meet or tournament where the pin occurs, (ii) the pin must occur at or between the first regular season dual meet of the year, and the Sunday before the year-end Summit Soiree in early March, (iii) tournament pins which occur on the same day as a Summit dual meet do not count, and (iv) the wrestler's parent must send an email to us at:  swcpins@gmail.com

Joe Stanco was an integral part of the Summit Wrestling Club for 20 years. He gave unselfishly to the club and Abington Heights wrestling even after his children moved on in their wrestling careers. Joe passed away in 2005, and we have chosen to name our pinning award in his memory as one way the Summit Wrestling Club can honor him. 

"Practice is measured in hours. Winning is measured in seconds!"

All pins will eventually be posted on the chart above.  Please notify us ASAP if you believe we've missed one of your wrestlers submitted pins on the chart.  Please submit all eligible pins (including the wrestler's full name, and the location of the pin) via email to:  swcpins@gmail.com